We spend most of our time at home or at work. It is very comforting to have my home the way a fruit has its tree.

My name is Barnabás Pomázi and I live with my family in Budapest, the Capital of Hungary. My passion for carpentry started when I was a teenager and realised, that I loved to work with wood as a hobby.

I started my studies to become a carpenter after high school and became second at a national competition. After finishing school, I started my own business with a partner.

About nine years later we moved to Székesfehérvár with my wife, where I worked as an employee for three years at a carpentry.
In 2013, we moved to Budapest to start my theological studies at the Baptist Theological Academy.

Now I became an entrepreneur again to continue my work as a carpenter.
I really love making unique furnitures, overshadow the usual and make something special.
It is a joy for me, when I can present the dreams of the customers.

Give me a try and you will not be disappointed.

Newest works